Gala 2003 Results

Streaky Bacon Extravaganza
Brian Toner's Mobile Butcher's Qualifier
Pig number 6 : Sow Wester, Jockey : Mr Mac, Owner : Danny McCarthy
Arthur Butcher's Qualifier

Pig Number 6 : Tammy Swinette, Jockey : Di Vorce, Owner : Downpatrick Resource Center

Hugh Mullan Butcher's Portaferry Qualifier
Pig number 3 : Pigmallion, Jockey : GB Show, Owners, Christine and Mark, Strangford
Stephen Arthur's Butchers, Kircubbin Qualifier
Pig Number 3 : Mickey's Porker, Jockey : Justa Fib, Owner : Caroline Mageean
Thomas Duffy and Sons, Mace Strangford, Qualifier
Pig Number 1 : Piggy Sue, Jockey : Buddy H, Owner : Gillian Smith
Streaky Bacon Champion

Pig Number 4 : Mickey's Porker
Jockey : Justa Fib
Owner : Caroline Mageean

Monday 20th July Results

Little Flower of the County Down
1st Place : Leah Johnston
2nd Place : Kirsty Porter
3rd Place : Jessica Lamont


NIE Junior Stars in their Eyes


1st Place Paul Wilson & Gareth McVeigh singing Follow Me


2nd Place Hannah Mc Mullan singing Simply the Best


3rd Place Clodagh.Hanvey singing Crazy


1st : John and Lily Devlin, Chruch Street
2nd : Edward McGee, Windmill Hill
3rd : Herbie Taylor, Shore Road
The time element came into force


Children's Fancy Dress
Amusing and Cutest in this Catagory
1st : Dora the Explorer and Cereal Killer
2nd : Wimbledon

3rd : Harry Potter

4th : I should have gone to Specsavers
Bin with a Lad In
Original and Cutest in this Catagory
1st : Assault and Battery
2nd : Gala Gateaux

3rd : Dressed to Kill

4th : Bargain Hunt
Noddy and his Car
Pretty Costume and Cutest in this Catagory
1st : Helen Sunflower
2nd :Pretty Cheap
3rd: Mary, Mary Quite Contrary
4th : Peter Pan


6 Mile Run
Seniors, Club
1st : Gary McClernon, Willowfield
2nd : Jarlath Falls, Ballymena Runners

3rd : Neil Douglas, Ballymena Runners

4th : Tony Dalton, North Belfast
Female Open
1st : Julie Murphy, Lagan Valley
2nd : Cathy McCourt, Unattached
3rd : Frankey McGiven, Unattached
Vetran Mens
1st : Robert Wilson, Willowfield
2nd : Karl Dynes, Willowfield

3rd : Eddie Bell, Abbey A.C

4th : D Magill, North Belfast
Vetran Womens
1st : Laura Mc Kenzie, No Details
2nd : Ann Mageean, Olympian

3rd : Maureen Oliver, Dublin Runners

Junior Club
1st : Matthew Wilson, Willowfield
2nd : Christopher Bell, Abbey A.C


Pitching the Sheaf
1st : Paddy Delaney
Joint 2nd :Pat Shanley , Gerard Savage
1st : John Murray
2nd : Barry savage
3rd : Cahal Shanley


Bonny Baby 6 - 18 months
1st : Dara Murray
2nd :Conor Murray
3rd : Carlton King

4th : Katie Hanna


Bonny Baby 18 months - 3 years
1st : Blake Hoole
2nd :Caitlin leebody
3rd : Jamie McConnell

4th : Hannah Toner


Walking Treasure Hunt
1st : Rory Mccarthy
2nd : Christopher Toner
3rd :Joan Young


Cute Kiddies
1st : Caiti O'Neill
2nd : Philip Miskimmin
3rd : Sean Richie

4th : Lauren Pollock


Garden Competition Winners
Most Attractive Pub / Hotel
1st : Portaferry Hotel

2nd: The Narows

3rd : The Coach Inn
Most Attractive Business
1st : Braniff's Fruit and Veg
2nd : Super Shop
3rd : Mullan's Butchers
Most Attractive Area
1st : John Tompson Park
2nd : Windmill Heights
Best Large Garden
1st : Marie McGee
2nd : Marcus Lemon
3rd : James Byres
Best Small Garden
1st : Gerard Savage
2nd : Mrs Dempster
3rd : Anne Denvir
Hanging Baskets
1st : Gerard Savage
2nd : Mrs Dempster
Window Boxes
1st : Anne Denvir
2nd : Adrian Donnelly


Floral Art Competition
1st : Elma Mc Dowell
2nd : Jean Kerr

3rd : Margaret McGreevy

Very Highly Commended : Elma McDowell
Highly Commended : Bernie Hepburn
1st : Elma Mc Dowell
2nd : Bernie Hepburn
3rd : Jean Kerr
Very Highly Commended : Betty Young
On Location
1st : Marie Mcgee
2nd : Jean Kerr

3rd : Philomena Smith

Very Highly Commended : Elma McDowell
Highly Commended : Margaret McGreevy
Children's Comp
1st : Bronagh Mageean
2nd : Catherine Dynes

3rd : Moal Larkin

Very Highly Commended : Moal Larkin
Highly Commended : Lyndsey Reid
And a big thanks to everyone who entered !


Primary School Art Competition Results
Section 1 : Children from Primary 1 and 2
1st : Chole Carlise P2 Kirkistown Primary - "Free Flying Like A Butteryfly"
2nd : Ruth Mullan P1 Kirkistown Primary - "Fiona Fairy"

Joint 3rd : Calum Mulligan P2 Kirkiston Primary - "Spaceship In Flight"
Joint 3rd : Flora Faith-Kelly P2 Portaferry Integrated

Section 2 : Children from Primary 3, 4 and 5
1st : Adam Swift P4 Kirkistown Primary - "Army Helicopter"
Joint 2nd : James Stewart P4 Kirkistown Primary "Pigeon Rocket"
Joint 2nd : Aidina Brownlow P3 Portaferry Integrated
3rd : Sophie McCarthy P3 Portaferry Integrated
Section 3: Children from Primary 6 and 7
1st : Nathan Wemuff P7 Kirkistown Primary
2nd : Jonathan Eccles P6 Portaferry Integrated
3rd : Blair Bailie P7 Kirkistown Primary

Pictures can be found here on the"daily pages".