Gala Floats 1998
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang !
Clearys'- where you'll always "find a doll or two" !
Creche facilities always available!
Emergency, Emergency, Big Frank's snapped a string !
Those gloves keep the kegs so clean !
Fiddlers Green Gowns of course!
What goes up.....must come down !
Truly a Manificent Man in His Flying Machine
I say, must be time for a landing at the Coach Inn
"We all live in a Yellow Submarine"
Two pints here, when you get the chance !
Hip, Hip, Hippies ahoy !
Oh my God, We've won !
Don't miss it this October 31st!
"Sure a wee drop of the red stuff never did me a bit o' harm" !
Candy Devine from Downtown Radio calls on the crew from Jack McCabes' winning float to come and "pick up that po".