Float Parade 1997

As usual the Portaferry gala culminated in the town's annual float parade, this mostly involves the local bars, who produce "floats" which parade through the town, in the hope of the winning the coveted "Portaferry Po".......(Don't ask !) there is also a prize for the "non pub" float which usually goes to one the of the local youth groups who produce their own floats each year, as do the residents of the area of the Ballyblack Road. In between the Floats are various local Marching Bands, who compete for their own awards including best dressed band.





Below are pictures of the winning Float for 1997...which sees the Po leaving Cleary's bar and heading down to the Coach Inn from whence it came last year........










Ulster Television's Frank Mitchell holds the famous Portaferry Po.


In 1997 the winning Float depicted the "Hand-over of Hong Kong"

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